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Kacie Starr Long 


Meet Kacie

Wife, Entrepreneur, Author, & Speaker 

A former politician turned preacher, Kacie Starr Long knows first-hand what it means to be transformed by Jesus Christ. She made history as one of St. Louis' youngest elected officials and for a long time, life was all about her; until one day she had a true encounter with God and her life changed...  


Today, Kacie leads the Sew Hope Community Sewing Room, a unique and creative space providing sewing and quilting classes for the community. 


Kacie is the author of four books, and serves alongside her husband, Alfred as the leader of Jacob's Ladder Ministries, a faith-based non-profit organization serving those impacted by incarceration. 

From My Blog

Sometimes you just need encouragement. Check out Kacie's recent writings! 

Connect with Kacie 


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Inspired Overflow



Watch as Kacie shares how she got her first big break by hosting her own Christian radio broadcast. 

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Kacie loves to share God's word. Watch as she shares 3 Ways to Become More Disciplined so you can reap God's rewards.

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Watch as Kacie shares important faith-filled lessons from walking alongside her husband as he victoriously fought cancer.

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31 - Day Loving God More Than Food Challenge 

Want to break the bondage of emotional eating? Would you like to become better disciplined with food and exercise more? Do you want to avoid gaining weight over the holidays?

Don't miss the 31-day Loving God More than Food challenge.

* Online coaching with Kacie, and  discover the roots of overeating emotional eating. 

*  Receive daily encouragement, and biblical teachings that will help you gain self-control with food

* Receive 1 on 1 support with Kacie and gain accountability and help developing a plan for weight loss and long-term health and food discipline

* Apply biblical tools to your eating, and learn how to break the spirits of gluttony, lack of discipline and self - control with Scripture and prayer. 

Registration is now open for the 31 Day Challenge January 8, 2024 - February 7, 2024. All are welcome to register! 

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Purchase Loving God More Than Food - the Book! 

Are you ready to stop overeating and feel more in control when it comes to your appetite? 

In this book, Kacie shares her story of learning to Love God More than Food, and provides practical, biblically-based tips to help you overcome food idolatry, and love God more than food. 


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To Register for the 21-Day Challenge, please click here  

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To Register for the 21 Day Challenge, please visit here

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