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Confessions of a Christian Cussin Woman

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (Proverbs 18:21 KJV)

Through my adolescence and young adulthood, profanity was never a big issue for me. Occasionally, a word or two would slip out after a freak minor injury or a careless accident but I never worried about the words that exited my mouth. After all, I had self-restraint, and had grown up in a household where my dad cussed enough for everybody. I knew the power of words and how they could be used to build or destroy.

It wasn’t until I began a new job in 2007, that my language changed. As my career exploded with exciting new opportunities, and an elevated level of responsibility, the stress and intensity in my life became magnified. I found myself unable to adequately convey my thoughts and feelings. So I cussed. I cussed when I was happy, when I was sad, when I felt overwhelmed, and when I felt angry and frustrated.

I became creative with my cuss words, adding special emphasis when necessary to convey a particular point. My cussing began to permeate my mind. It advanced so badly, one day I found myself in a heated meeting where I disagreed with one of the participants. Instead of talking things out like a true career- oriented Christian woman, I sat silent with a frozen smile plastered on my face and mentally cussed him out. After giving him a good cussing out I began to feel ashamed.

As a Christian, I just didn’t feel comfortable with who I had become. Not only had my language become interrupted with incessant profanity, but the profanity had penetrated my thoughts and they were no longer mindless and carefree words but intentional thoughts and sentences.

I made a decision that enough was enough. I needed to stop and make a change. I decided to pray and ask God for forgiveness. I asked for God to deliver and transform me by using my tongue to speak comfort and encouragement instead of turmoil and wrath. I was tired of angry words streaming out of my mouth that were bitter, and disconnected from the powerful source of God.

If you suffer from a negative tongue or feel the desire to concentrate on speaking more positively in your life, ask God to assist you. Pray that He will deliver you and that you will learn to speak victory and positive declarations over your life and circumstances. I know God will help you, because He has helped me. I’m not perfect but much better than I used to be. Come to him with a sincere heart, and watch how He will bless and transform you. After you receive your breakthrough, make sure you give Him all the glory, honor and praise.

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