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Don't Die in Your Singleness

God desires to produce wonderful things in your life and will oftentimes use your singleness to serve as His planting season. Your single season is a special and anointed time in your life. This is when you are able to give God your wholehearted and undivided attention; and in return, God draws you closer to Him. This season is also preparation for marriage. God uses your singleness to prepare you to become a godly wife or husband.

Deuteronomy 32:30 informs us that one believer can chase 1,000 demons while two believers can chase 10,000. Kingdom power is created when holy matrimony takes place. Satan not only targets marriages, but he also targets Christian singles. He desires to engulf and entangle the Christian single in a life of deception and sexual sin so they they will become spiritually dead and separated from Christ.

You must remember that God has already given you the victory, however you must fight and be prepared for the battle. Satan will use every tactic to infiltrate your mind. He’ll introduce negative mindsets, loneliness, frustration and sexual immorality to deter you; however God has given you spiritual tools to combat the enemy such as prayer, fasting and the written Word of God. By employing these tools and practical steps, you can avoid dying in your single season.

Avoid the Lust Pit

This is a dangerous pit, the type of pit that can suck you in and be extremely difficult to get out. Lust may start off as innocuous at first. A few thoughts here, a few thoughts there. However, every action begins with a thought. As a Christian single, it is so important to be vigilant about the things that try to attach to your mind and heart. When you find yourself being bombarded with fantasies or flashbacks of past sexual encounters, immediately pray and read your Bible.

Satan can be ruthless, and he knows your weaknesses. He also doesn’t play fair. At your weakest point, an old sex partner will call or text you, or you will find yourself sexually tempted under random circumstances. Do not handle these situations casually. Pray, fast, read the word of God. The enemy will use lust, sexual urges and desires to lure you into the trap of fornication and sexual sin. You need to pray, and be extremely vigilant about what you allow to enter and remain in your mind. Immediately cast out images, words and thoughts that do not line up with the word of God.

Also you will want to:

• Speak the Word –Confess the word of God over your life and speak it against the enemy. Tell the enemy you are “more than a conqueror” how “no weapon formed against you will prosper” how you have a “renewed mind” and how you have been “made in the image of Christ.”

• Get Out of Bed – Don’t spend idle time in your bed. After you wake up each morning, put your feet to the ground and begin your day. It is during idle time or down time that the enemy will try to bombard you with lustful images or thoughts.

• Guard Your Spirit – Avoid listening to sexually suggestive songs and watching sexually explicit movies. Be extremely protective about what you allow in your spirit through your eye gates and ear gates. Make sure that what you watch and hear line up with the word of God.

The Dungeon of Deception

Satan is a master manipulator. Remember how he deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden? Be mindful of Satan trying to lure you into compromising sexual behaviors through the power of deception. For instance, Satan may tell you that some sexual behavior is acceptable, since you aren’t engaging in the actual act of sex. Don’t be fooled: Masturbation, Pornography, Sex Toys, are not acceptable substitutes or alternatives for the Christian single. God wants you to flee from sexual immorality (1 Cor. 6:18).

You have been purchased with a price, through the shedding of Jesus’ blood. Your body is not your own and while in your single season, strive to do everything to keep yourself holy, and your temple (your body) clean. Remember, you want to be used by God, therefore do not allow the enemy any entrance to your mind, body or heart through sin.

Romans 8:8 says,“those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God.” When you engage in fornication, masturbation, and sex toys you are feeding and pleasing your flesh; and have completely removed God from the equation. You have essentially taken matters in your hands to please your own flesh. You are so important to God, you are in such a sacred season of your life. God wants you to find pleasure in Him and the things of Him, not in self and through man-made idols.

Sexual sin (and any type of sin), separate you from Christ. This separation, truly breaks Christ’s heart. Make a decision today, that as a believer you want to do everything you can to make God happy and be pleasing in His sight. Ask God for His help to walk in holiness and avoid the traps of the enemy, so you will not die in your single season and make it to your destiny. Remember, God loves you so much and has not set you up for failure, He has already given you the victory.

Say the prayer below, and believe in your heart that you are going to see the manifestation of your God-given destiny.

Father God, I need your help. Be with me during this important season of my life. Give me the heart, mind and strength to trust you in all things and the desire for holiness. Forgive my past transgressions. Allow me to be a thrive and to maximize everything I can while in this state of singleness and may it all be for your glory. Amen.


Kacie Starr Long is an author, speaker and talk show host. She and her husband, Alfred live in St. Louis and serve as Campus Pastors with Influence Church. Stay connected with Kacie at:

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